Your Unique Journey

Your World, Your Realities, Your Development Needs. These are the Linchpin Perspectives for Working with You

At Avastone, our work takes place within your unique organizational context: your situation, your challenges, your realities. We don’t arrive with a pre-scripted, pre-formulated, pre-conceived solution that is looking for a problem, perhaps your problem, perhaps not an exact fit.

What's Your Reality?

Because models, theories, and practices are useful, the best among them are contained in our repertoire. Models, like maps, are useful as you navigate uncharted territory, yet they are not the terrain or the territory itself. That’s why we focus on the territory of your realities, the domain of your terrain, the context of your situation.

Company environments are as different as individual personalities–no two are exactly the same. Conditions, markets, histories, structures–and more–are woven into an organization’s fabric and interlaced with the business system and culture. We engage an approach that begins with a deep understanding of your reality and then build upon that reality with a customized framework that takes you where you want to go

We don’t tell; we listen. We don’t answer; we delineate surface features and deeper truths. We ask the tough questions and offer honest assessments and candid feedback.

We deliver the real news and build ownership with you–all the while sharing your commitment and excitement about your organization, your people, and your customers or stakeholders.

No two are exactly the same.