With Complexity Comes Power

The Map is Not the Territory. We Bring the Territory Alive through Direct Experience.

Our clients call our simulations unparalleled. Why? Organizations are complex, and we bring a level of sophistication to learning that is very true to life. In that lies the power of impact for your organization.

In business, new understanding is best gained through immersion. Our direct experience and simulations create impact and vividly bring learning to life. They are framed with your reality in mind. They materialize and evolve through active participation, debriefing, and reflection. The very experience engages individuals in a multi-level process that evokes vitality and insight.

With Context Comes Value

Crafting a meaningful, powerful direct experience or simulation is part art, part science–part improvisation and part specification. It requires a keen understanding of business strategy, a combination of intuitive sense and investigation of the real situation, the right amount and type of framing, go-with-the-flow awareness, and skilled facilitation. The result is an experience that is dramatic, memorable, and transformative.

Avastone Consulting is well known for its popular simulations and direct experiences. We offer a menu of applications that addresses the most challenging issues of the day. Core constructs offer platforms that allow ease of customization for individual situations. From organizational scenarios to team-based inventions, our simulations blend creativity and precision in an exciting and meaningful way.

Bring learning to life.