Citius 2010/Vancouver

Faster, higher, stronger–these are the stalwart dimensions of Olympic spirit, and these are captured in this sophisticated and complex Citius 2010/Vancouver simulation framed around support to the Olympic Organizing Committee and the Winter Games of 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. Multiple teams (4 to 50) compete for the right to serve the organizing effort, each facing an intricate, integrated multi-task project of daunting proportions: designing a concept for the Olympic Village (using software), creating a macro-transportation system for movement of people, designing and building a one-person rolling bobsled (to be raced in head-to-head competition with others at the end), formulating a marketing approach and icon to facilitate the true manifestation of the Olympic spirit–and more. The 2010 games also bring forward challenges reflective of Vancouver's Sustainability in Action focus.The simulation is one of Avastone’s most popular, used in both large conference settings and with smaller leadership teams. The energy involved and captured in this simulation is great, with benefits in equal proportion.

Small, medium, or large-size groups.