Successful global professional services firms like Accenture continually seek to leverage the best of their internal capabilities for client benefits. They integrate their own industry and practice areas as a match to needs in client organizations. And they remain a top contender because they continuously educate and invest in their people.

Avastone has partnered with Accenture in targeted organization development work to enhance cross-discipline capacities for delivering results. Avastone has been successful in helping them make better connections between key practice areas–strategy, people, process, and technology–so they create better value for both their organization and those that they serve. Being able to see and act in the big picture, not just in one area, mounds huge rewards.

Accenture has found that direct experiences, like StraTEEgy and Citius 2006/ Torino create a memorable event that allows their professionals to think beyond their disciplines and become higher value consultants. Often used in conjunction with large and small group off-site conferences, Accenture sees innovation as a groundbed to service development. That’s why they choose Avastone.