The Life Force of the Organization

Avastone Assesses and Embraces the Organization to Provide Guidance on the Best Path Forward

We describe organization development as the work done to bring alive the human system in an embrace of high performance. At a macro level, it is the organizations’ functioning pattern of social interaction, tightly coupled with business systems and operations. Avastone Consulting partners with clients to develop and sustain this system. Given the nature of change and evolving conditions, we often perform a diagnostic assessment of situations that warrants improvement or wholesale change.

Some of our diagnostic engagements include the following:

  • Review of the human system aspects of a Toyota Production System implementation effort.
  • Assessment of leadership culture in high growth financial services organization.
  • Diagnostic review of stakeholder needs in support of broad community building efforts.
  • Assessment and mid-course check of Oracle worldwide electronic business system implementation.

A Window on the Organization

Avastone approaches the diagnostic assessment from a broad perspective, considering external, visible forms of behaviors, the interiors reflective of the culture, mindsets, and worldviews–and the context of the organization. Ours is not a simple one-dimensional view, but instead a rich recognition of all the integral underpinnings.

Embrace Complexity, Identify Opportunities

Our clients tell us that what we do best is “make sense of complexity.” Using our conveyance Approach and client partnership orientation, we truly define “what is really going on” within the context of the organization.

We offer a clear, uncluttered view of reality and articulate the best paths forward–paths that support the organization’s natural design. We offer a way for clients to check in on where they are and where they’re headed, and provide direction, guidance and most importantly, options.

Nuances and meaning, vitality and spirit.