Since this “Baby Bell” was formed out of the telecommunications divestiture of 1984, BellSouth has been faced with forging and sustaining a strong position amidst huge competitive pressures in an increasingly dynamic industry. Knowing their executives would need an edge that had not been required of them before, they sought outside perspective.

Beginning in 1986, BellSouth leveraged Avastone Consulting’s expertise in executive and leadership development. Two key initiatives have served as long-term leading-edge contributors to establishing competitive momentum: Leadership Challenge and Leadership and Values in Action.

More than 1,500 BellSouth executives and managers have participated in these high visibility sessions, which focused on leadership as a cornerstone for organizational change and growth. A range of Avastone supporting elements were utilized in these sessions, freshly crafted for the initiatives at hand. Avastone has also partnered with the BellSouth Foundation to develop leaders in education and supported a variety of organization development activities during a long-standing relationship with BellSouth.

With organizational strength in hand, BellSouth has grown into a large Fortune 100 communications service company and evolved into an ongoing top J.D. Power Associates performer in customer satisfaction.