The Spark that Ignites Performance

Avastone Creates Catalytic Experiences Based on Team and Organizational Realities to Heighten and Sustain Performance

High performing organizations learn from experience. Skilled teams achieve not only the necessary, but also create the extraordinary. And it’s no accident. When performance is truly understood and leveraged, it can deliver tremendous organizational benefits.

High performance is the result of a super-charged, intricate web of relationships, talents, and creativity. For those involved in the everyday work of great organizations, it all seems quite simple. And that’s the beauty of it. In fact, organizational work is innately complex and inherently dynamic. Knowing the “who, what, when, where, how, and why” of performance is tricky. Most organizations are still in search of ways to assemble and sustain high-performance teams.

A Sophisticated and Dynamic Experience, Customized for You

We help clients develop, nurture, and maintain team and organizational performance by drawing upon workplace and action learning experiences and then creating new, customized experiences that support and facilitate the development process.

Unexpected and sophisticated, encompassing a blend of realities seen and unseen, the Avastone simulation experience is intentionally crafted as a means to catalyze positive movement forward.

Creativity, innovation, performance.