Positive Movement through Conveyance™

Fueled by Your Energy and Ours, Conveyance Drives the Organization Forward

Forward movement within organizations comes from a flow, a channeling of energies that we call ConveyanceTM . It has a flavor of dynamism, a natural direction, a freshness of perspective, an unleashed capacity, an aliveness of experience rich in momentum.

Simply put, Avastone is artful in conveyance, that is:

Conveying valued people from where they are now–to where they want or need to be.

The Art and Science of Momentum

Conveyance is necessarily positive and fueled by energy–not fear or cynicism. It is also Avastone Consulting’s approach to your development process. We view conveyance as a process, similar to an orchestrated movement within the flow of music.

Players interact at appropriate times, woven together and synchronized, achieving new personal and collective heights. This momentum translates into definitive impact, coupled with an enlarged capability to sustain a continuing evolution of forward movement.

This movement could be yours–or that of the executives, leaders, and many sets of players in the organization. What it means is going with your flow–customizing and designing in alignment with the natural flow of the organization. Like a conductor, we leverage your strengths and honor individuals where they are in their development process. We understand barriers, illuminate blind spots, and light the flame of useful learning.

These are the calling cards of Avastone’s approach, oriented to the fulfillment of your human and organizational potential, continually progressing, continually moving in a right direction.

The flow of orchestrated movement.